Difference between Residential and Commercial Junk Removal Services

Junk removal services are necessary for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. But, with junk removal varying in types, you need to know which type is more suited for you. So, let’s grab here a basic understanding of the difference between residential and commercial junk removal services. With more clarity in the types, you can know which junk removal will help you in waste management. But first, let’s explore what people mean by junk removal.


What is Junk Removal?


Junk removal refers to a simple and straightforward process of getting rid of old and unwanted items from your property. It contributes to a better look and hygiene of your place. Thus, it is a very important process for your home or business. Junks can further be classified into residential and commercial, and both need to be handled efficiently.

Both residential and commercial junk removal services are effective in their approach and also differ from each other.


Difference between Residential and Commercial Junk Removal Services


Target Customers

Residential and commercial junk removal services differ in terms of the customers they serve. Over time, homeowners may attain a large variety of items that need to be removed. Besides, rentersare also in need of disposing of certain items while moving out to new places. In this case, they should opt for residential services. On the other hand, in places like office, restaurants, or any big retail stores, junks obtained are usually large and needs the help of commercial services for safe disposal.

Types of Waste

Residents usually throw up junk like old furniture, broken toys, discarded electronics, and gadgets. On the other hand, industries and commercial centers involve a large quantity of junk in the form of construction debris, electronic and chemical wastes, machine by-products, and various packaging materials. From the list, it is evident that residential wastes are less hazardous compared to commercial types. So, the junks managed by the residential services are less harmful compared to those managed by the commercial junk removal services.

In Bold Disposal, we take junk from both residential and commercial areas and dispose of it safely. And we have fine-tuned our waste disposal processes based on the type of junk.

Volume and Toxicityof Waste

One of the most important parameters to assess the differences between residential and commercial junks is their volume and toxicity. Residential junk removal services deal with junk obtained from residential areas. These junks usually are less in volume and areless toxic. On the other hand, commercial junk removal services deal with junk generated in high volume. High industrial applications contributeto junk generation in large amounts.

Also, commercial work processes involve greater use of different chemicals, solvents, and batteries. So, junks obtained from these sites have a chance of being more toxic. Therefore, commercial services should be more careful while dealing with waste.

Types of Transport Used

Junk removal services use different kinds of transport according to the volume of the waste. The most common form of transport is a truck. For transporting low-volume household junk, small trucks are used. On the other hand, those generated from hospitals, restaurants, and other manufacturing companies are of high volume and frequency. In this case, commercial junk removal services use heavy-duty trucks capable of carrying large and bulkier loads.

Price Value

Talking about cost, severalfactors like junk weight, quantity, and time influence the pricing system. Also, in New Jersey, there are a lot of junk removal companies with different rates. So, determining an exact amount is not easy. However, it is quite evident that residential junk removal companies will charge you less in comparison to commercial junk removal services.


The junk removers for commercial places charge more for taking care of a large amount of waste. If you are eager to know more about the pricing of these services, search “junk removal New Jersey” in your browser. It will display numerous results, and you can explore each of their prices for further knowledge.


Looking for an Effective Junk Removal Service?


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Final Thoughts


Opting for a junk removal service removes your headache by taking care of your unwanted items and giving you a clean space. If you are a business organization, hire a commercial junk removal company for seamless junk removal. If you are looking to eliminate unwanted products from your house attic, basement, or garage, opt for residential services.

If you want to hire a reliable service for waste removal or management, you can contact Bold Disposal. They also offer other services like dumpster rental and construction cleaning.